About Farm Source Rewards



Farm Source Rewards exists to reward our Fonterra Farmers – every early morning, every late night, every milking. Our job is to make sure your hard earned dollars go further.

That’s how we’re proving our loyalty to you, not the other way around.

We have three ways for you to turn your money into more.

Reduce how much you pay for things

Save big with exclusive discounts on things like fuel, power and insurance; and across hundreds of our partner retailers.

Reuse your hard earned dollars to buy more farm supplies

Earn Farm Source Dollars that you can reinvest to buy more of the farm supplies you need.

Now your dollars can get you more of what you want or dream of

Choose anything you want from over 5,000 rewards online, or dream it up and we’ll get it for you.

Who is eligible?

The Farm Source Rewards programme exists to reward Fonterra Farmers. To be eligible you need to be a Farm Source account holder – having registered in accordance with the Farm Source Account Terms and Conditions – and either a Fonterra Supplier or MyMilk supplier.

“Fonterra Supplier” means a person who supplies milk to Fonterra – including farm owners, share-milkers, contract milkers, farm employees and herd managers.

MyMilk Suppliers are included in the programme, with the ability to earn and redeem eligible Farm Source Reward Dollars.

Are you getting the most out of Rewards?

Fonterra Suppliers With Rewards Card
Earn & Redeem F$
Power Discounts
On Farm Fuel discounts
Insurance discounts
Telecommunication discounts
Exclusive partner discounts
Pump Fuel discounts
Bunnings Trade Pricing
Automotive discounts
Plus many more discounts - see here

How do I earn?

You automatically earn Farm Source Reward Dollars every time you make a purchase at Farm Source, swipe your Farm Source Rewards card or charge any partnership services through your Farm Source account.

How do I redeem?

Fonterra farmers can redeem their Farm Source Reward Dollars at their local Farm Source store, or redeem online by logging in to their account here; or by calling us. Remember, one Farm Source Reward Dollar is equal in value to one NZ dollar.

Redeem on farm purchase at your local Farm Source store.

Redeem online or over the phone through our rewards catalogue with over 5000 products to choose from.

Dream Rewards - redeem on anything you can Dream.

Need Help? Or still have questions?

Check out this page to find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Rewards programme, and our contact details if you need even more information.

Visit our Terms and Conditions page if you want to read the fine print of the various elements of the programme.