What's Farm Source Rewards all about?
The programme was created to recognise and reward the very people who make our co-operative great. It harnesses our collective buying power to help suppliers' farm budgets go further. And it ensures a fairer share of the returns (though FS$) from the rural supplies network they own.

Can I join?
If you supply Fonterra with milk and you trade through Farm Source stores, the answer is yes. This includes farm owners, share milkers, farm managers, contract milkers, farm employees and herd managers.

So, how do I join up?
If you're a Fonterra supplier, you're already part of the programme. In fact, you'll start earning FS$ from 01 October 2014.

How do I get my card?
Your Farm Source Rewards card will be ready for pick up in store from 1 November 2014. Before that, up until 21 October, you can personalise your card details online, or request a second card for a family member.

How do I earn FS$?
Simple. Any spend that goes onto your trading account will earn FS$. That covers purchases in store, online and over the phone - including feed, fertiliser and livestock. The amount of FS$ earned can be less for discounted products and services, as well as lower-margin categories. You can also earn FS$ through a wide range of partners, including utilities billed on your account (Spark, Meridian or Mercury Energy, for instance).

What kind of deals are we talking about?

  • We'll be putting together monthly in-store deals on relevant on-farm products and services.
  • We also have deals on utilities like Spark, Meridian and Mercury Energy, which suppliers can run on account.
  • Additionally, there are third party offers on a wide range of products and services, like tyres, petrol and even vehicles.

Where can I use my card?
It's welcome at more than 2,000 retailers around New Zealand. You'll find the full list online. You card is more than just a way to pay - it's also your ticket to some fantastic new deals we've negotiated with partners such as Holden and Mobil.

Why don't we get a cash rebate?
Farm Source Rewards offers so much more than a rebate-based programme. Unlike rebates, you can redeem FS$ regardless of the season, and you receive the full value owing to you. Plus, if you do want to put your FS$ towards farm expenses, they can be converted to Farm Source vouchers for the cash equivalent at any time.

What kind of FS$ could I expect to earn?
Naturally, this depends on your account spend. But to give you an example, a Farm Source supporter, milking around 450 cows, could earn around FS$3,000 a year. This could go up by $500 if you were to use the Farm Source Livestock team (to replace 25% of stock annually).

Can I see what I've earned?
Yes. From early November 2014, you'll have real-time visibility of your FS$ balance by logging in online. Plus, you'll receive an update through your monthly statement.

When can I start redeeming my FS$? You can start spending your FS$ from December 2014 - providing you have enough FS$.

How do I redeem my FS$?
From December, you'll be able to spend your FS$ online, in store or over the phone. You can choose from our exclusive rewards range, which includes Farm Source vouchers, consumer goods and travel.

Do FS$ expire?
Yes, depending on a few situations. Here are some key points to note:

Criteria FS$ expiry conditions
Annual earn under FS$50 Will expire at end of year
Annual earn over FS$50 Expire after 3 years
Ceasing supply Eligible spend FS$ locked