Farm Cover

You specialise in dairy, so should your insurance

While you can’t predict the unexpected, you can be ready – with Farm Source Farm Cover. For specialist dairy cover, it doesn’t get much easier with one policy for buildings, plant and equipment, right through to production interruption, milk quality fines, milk dumping, farm liability, stock transit and much more.

Farm Cover offers specialist insurance policies for both dairy and drystock farming businesses and is available exclusively to Farm Source customers.

Farm Cover Dairy

Farm Cover Dairy offers New Zealand's first specialist dairy insurance which is cost effective for all farm types. Farm Cover Dairy provides:

  • One policy covers everything, including milk contamination, livestock, fences, machinery breakdown, production interruption and more
  • Immediate lump sum in event of natural disaster
  • Premium discount for multiple farms
  • $5 million of farm liability cover
  • Monthly payments attract no interest and Fonterra Suppliers earn Farm Source Rewards dollars

Farm Cover Dry

Farm Cover Dry provides a number of distinct advantages which include:

  • Cover of sheep immediately following shearing
  • Automatic cover for livestock in transit
  • Accidental death cover for horses, dogs and all other livestock

Government policy regarding response to natural disasters puts responsibility for protection of assets in the drystock farmer's hands. The government will not pay cash compensation for weather related losses where the assets or property could have been insured but were not. So apart from the day-to-day security of knowing the farm, the livestock, the homestead and equipment are all protected, Farm Cover Dry will ensure you can meet responsibilities in times of natural disaster.

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