For Dairy

A new energy plan exclusively for Fonterra farmers.

What is For Dairy?

For Dairy is an energy plan created specifically for the way dairy farmers use power. With this plan dairy farmers pay the least, when they’re using the most. Developed in collaboration with dairy farmers, it’s a New Zealand first and delivers savings of up to 25% off your energy bill.

Key Benefits

  • Save up to 25% off your energy bill without using less energy
  • Significantly reduce your energy bill if you use much of your electricity at off-peak times for the day
  • Optimise your energy usage - by shifting load from peak periods to off peak periods your savings will increase

Get rewarded for energy use outside peak times.

A lot of electricity is used by dairy farmers at off peak and shoulder times of the day. With the new For Dairy plan, you can take advantage of the time you use energy to save money. There’s also the opportunity to get even greater value if you move more of your energy use to off-peak and shoulder times. For example, turning on your hot water cylinder 1 hour earlier.

Energy innovation has come to dairy farmers.

The way dairy farmers generally use energy follows a specific profile. The profile of Genesis’ new For Dairy plan is based on this use, which means you’ll pay less for your power, without having to change the way you use it. This NZ first, that no other power company provides, is only available through Farm Source.

How much will I save?

Genesis have developed a special tool that plots your current use against their profile to estimate how much you could save by switching to the new For Dairy plan. It also shows you where you could save more by adjusting when you use energy.

Call the Genesis team on 0800 436 048 today to get your usage breakdown and a personalised quote showing how much your farm could save.

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