Spark NZ

Spark NZ

Get Endless Mobile & Broadband options for Fonterra suppliers. Spark is your one-stop shop for Endless Mobile & Broadband plans plus landline and smartphone deals. Now’s the time to check in and see if you’re on the right plan for your needs


  • Endless Mobile – Data, Mins & Texts now starts at $39.99 per month
  • Access to Spotify free on selected mobile plans
  • Free Wifi with 1Gb of data per day at 1000+ Wifi Zones around the country
  • Get access to music Pre-sale tickets and VIP experiences at


  • Flexible Broadband plans available from $65/month
  • Bring Your Broadband to Spark & add a landline for $10/month
  • Free Netflix Available on selected plans
  • Rural Wireless Broadband available in selected areas

Talk to Spark’s friendly local in-store or call centre reps to chat through what broadband options can be provided to you at your address. With all the technology types, In-home setups, devices and accessories available, there is always something for everyone.

Plus get an additional 2.45% discount on the billed amount each month.

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