Farm Source Rewards Card Terms & Conditions

1. Acceptance of Conditions

These terms and conditions are a contract between you (the person in whose name the Farm Source Rewards Card (card) account has been opened) (the Account Holder) and each holder of a card on that account (each a cardholder) and RD1 Limited trading as Farm Source. By signing the Application form or by accepting and using your card you confirm your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

2. Ownership of Card

The card is issued by Farm Source and remains the property of Farm Source at all times. Farm Source controls the use of the card and you are accountable to Farm Source for its use at all times.

3. The Card

Each card will contain the following;

  • a unique card number
  • the Farm Source Account name
  • your name
  • expiry date

Each card will be issued with a confidential PIN. You must keep this safe and confidential. Each card is subject to purchase and credit limits. For details of the limits or to request changes to the limits, please contact us. Only the Account Holder can request changes to limits.

4. Use of the Card

Your card can only be used in New Zealand at participating merchants.

You must ensure that your card carries your signature and is only used during its valid period of use. When using the card, you must either use a PIN or sign your name in the spaces provided on the sales voucher provided by the merchant. You are responsible for ensuring the correct sale amount is entered when using your PIN or signing the sales voucher. By entering the PIN or signing the sales voucher you are authorising the product purchase and this will be charged to the Account of the Account Holder.

If you incorrectly enter your PIN 3 consecutive times the card will be automatically locked and unavailable for 24 hours. Your card will be automatically reset after this time. The Account Holder named in the Application form accepts liability arising from your use of the card.

5. Additional Cards

You must not let any other person use your card, card number or PIN. Should you need additional cards, they may be issued to a person nominated by the Account Holder provided such nominated person is over 18 years of age. In such cases the card must carry the signature of the nominated person. This enables goods to be charged to the Account of the Farm Source Account Holder. The Farm Source Account Holder will be bound by the use of any additional cards as if the Farm Source Account Holder had used them personally.

6. Purchases

Cards will only be accepted by participating merchants. You cannot cancel a transaction charged to your card. Farm Source will not be liable for any failure of participating merchants to supply goods, the refusal of any outlet to accept your card or to decline payment via the card nor will Farm Source be responsible in any way for the quality or fitness for purpose of any goods or services purchased using your card. You should retain your original sales docket as proof of purchase for all warranty claims. Farm Source shall in no way be liable for any such claims, and they should be referred to the selling merchant.

The Account Holder who has authorised the issue of additional cards and each cardholder are liable jointly and severally for all amounts owing on cardholders’ cards. This means that the Farm Source Account Holder or any one or more cardholders may be required to pay the outstanding balance owed on an account.

7. Security and loss of Card

You must contact Farm Source immediately if;

  • your card is lost or stolen, or is in the possession of someone else, or
  • you become aware that your PIN has become known to someone else or,
  • you become aware your card has been misused.

You must give all information Farm Source reasonably requests regarding the loss or misuse of the card. Farm Source may pass on related information to participating merchants, banks, the police or those involved in processing card payments. Until Farm Source receives any such notice you are liable for any transactions conducted by any unauthorised person.

A 24 hour toll free number (0800 731 266) is available to report lost/stolen/misused cards.

8. Cancellation and suspension

You may suspend or cancel your card at any time by forwarding a written request to Farm Source Head Office or to any Store Manager.

Farm Source may cancel or suspend your right to use your card at any time (including, without limitation, if credit or purchase limits are exceeded and/or payments are not made by the 20th of the month following purchase). Once such action is requested or notified, you must return the card immediately to Farm Source, PO Box 9045, Hamilton 3240 or to your nearest Store.

We may also require the Account Holder or any one or more cardholders to immediately pay the outstanding balance of the account including all charges accruing until the date of cancellation and any reasonable costs incurred by Farm Source in collecting payments.

Following suspension or cancellation of your card you, other cardholders and the Account Holder have a continuing liability to pay outstanding amounts, including from transactions subsequently debited to the account, and any interest, fees and other charges payable under these terms and conditions.

9. Monthly accounts and credit limits

When your card is issued, the mailer on which the card is attached will contain details of the credit limit associated with that card. The Account Holder can request a change to your credit limit by calling the Customer Support Team on 0800 731 266.

Farm Source will issue the Account Holder with a statement following the close of each calendar month. The statement will provide details of all purchases made during the month using your card.

  • For fuel purchases, the statement will detail the date of the transaction, the merchant where the transaction took place, the quantity and type of fuel purchased, the unit price, GST amount and total amount due.
  • For non fuel transactions the statement will detail the date of the transaction, the merchant where the transaction took place, GST amount and the total amount due.

The Account Holder is responsible for checking the monthly statement to ensure the purchases recorded are correct. Any disputed or unauthorised transactions appearing on the statement must be notified to Farm Source with 10 days from the date of the Farm Source Statement. Farm Source reserves the right to reject any claim of error at its discretion.

Both the Account Holder and each holder of a card on that account are jointly and severally liable for amounts debited to the card account. Farm Source may debit your card with fees and other charges. These are subject to change and are provided on The amount due on the monthly statement and other charges must be paid on the 20th of the month following purchase, without any setoff or deduction. Any amount charged to the account in excess of the credit limit advised to you from time to time is payable on demand.

Farm Source reserves the right to suspend or permanently cancel card facilities if credit limits are exceeded and/or payments are not made by the 20th of the month following purchase. Farm Source reserves the right to take reasonable action to recover any outstanding debt and reverse any discounts or credit rebates obtained by using the card and appearing on the invoice. Interest will be charged on all overdue balances from the date payment was due until it is paid at the prevailing interest rate detailed on If no such rate is detailed the rate of 24% per annum shall be applicable.

You must immediately pay all costs (including legal costs on a solicitor-client basis) incurred in collecting or attempting to collect your overdue payments. Farm Source may deduct payments which are required to be paid to Farm Source from any money owed to the Farm Source Account Holder or you by Fonterra or any of its related companies.

When Farm Source makes payment to suppliers for goods and services you have purchased Farm Source may receive a rebate, commission or fee from the supplier for providing marketing and billing services.

10. Fonterra staff

If you are employed by Fonterra or any of its related companies, on termination of your employment, you must immediately contact Farm Source to make arrangements for either the continued use of the card(s) or the return of the card(s) to Farm Source. Fonterra, and their related companies retain the right to deduct any unpaid debt from your final pay.

11. Liability of Farm Source

Other than as required by law or as expressly provided in these terms and conditions, Farm Source is not liable to you in respect of any loss of any nature arising in connection with the card whether in contract, in tort (including negligence), under statute, at common law, in equity, or on any other basis whether similar to the foregoing or not. Despite the foregoing, should Farm Source be found liable to you then, to the extent permitted by law, such liability will be limited to $5,000.

12. Changes to these terms and conditions, and charges

Farm Source may vary any or all of these terms and conditions at any time. When informing you of a variation to these terms and conditions Farm Source will give at least 14 days notice of such variation, either by direct communication or by notice in the media (including public notices) or by posting on its website. No prior notice of a variation will be given where the variation is to protect you or the security of the card system. Farm Source may change the interest rate, and fees and charges payable on a card account at any time without notice.

13. Confidentiality of your Information

Farm Source will collect, hold and use information about you for the purposes of:

  • determining your suitability as a holder of a card or to increase the limits on your card;
  • providing you with information about merchants accepting cards;
  • managing your relationship with us;
  • monitoring your card account for fraud and crime detection purposes.

You authorise us to obtain information about you from our related companies for the above purposes.

Your information may be given to:

  • our related companies;
  • our agents and other third parties that provide services to us;
  • the police, certain government agencies, and financial institutions where we reasonably believe that disclosure will assist the detection and/or prevention of fraud or criminal offences;
  • credit reporting agencies, other credit providers and debt collection agencies;
  • any other party authorised by you.

Certain laws require us to disclose your information.

You authorise us to:

  • make enquiries relating to your credit record or other information relevant to the provision of credit to you (now or in the future) , from credit reporting agencies and other credit providers. You also authorise those parties to provide such information to us.
  • disclose your information (including default information and ongoing credit account information) to credit reporting agencies who will hold and use that information to provide their credit reporting services. This will mean that they may disclose any information they hold about you to eligible customers of their credit reporting services.

We will do our best to ensure that the information we hold about you is accurate. Prompt advice of any changes to your personal contact details will help us do this.

Your information will be collected and held by Farm Source, Level 1, 19 Home Straight, Te Rapa, Hamilton. You have rights of access to, and correction of, personal information (as defined in the Privacy Act 1993) held by us.

14. General

You consent to receive disclosure, notices and other communications from us in electronic form, whether by means of our website, email or other electronic communication.

We may from time to time choose not to enforce our rights against you. If we choose not to exercise rights against you, we can still do so later.

These terms and conditions are governed by and are to be construed in accordance with New Zealand law. You and we submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts.

Please contact the Customer Service Team on 0800 731 266 for any more information.

Effective September 2014